Friday, 25 July 2014

Cech aim to keep no.1 spot.

Cech hope to keep no.1 spot despite close competition.

Chelsea fc goalkeeper Petr Cech is hoping to keep his no.1 spot at Stamford Bridge despite close challenge from Belgium sensation Thibaut Courtois.

  Cech told reporters on the club's pre-season tour of Austria that:
"I always give my best.That i can do.I will do my best and i will do everything i can to be as ready as possible when the season starts.
"Jose Mourinho will make the choice how his team is going to look for the first game.Its up to us players to show that we are ready to play and make him pick us.
"I'm not different, i'm doing everything to make him pick me.I don't want to be on the bench as i said i will do everything not to be".
  The blues keeper will face close competition from 22-year old Courtois who has been labelled "the best young goalkeeper in the world" by Mourinho.

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